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Community Service

The Bonner Center for Civic and Community Engagement at TCNJ promotes and provides volunteer service opportunities for the entire campus community. Each year, members of this “domestic peace corps” program¬†apply a project-driven approach to teaching a language arts course at two state correctional facilities. Click here to visit the Bonner Center’s website.

Literary Magazine Project

Inmates who are part of this interactive course have the opportunity to contribute to an internal magazine, which consists of the work of their classmates behind bars. Each week, they have a mini-lesson and complete a small assignment that contributes to the overall finished product, which is presented during a ceremony at the end of the year.

PEI Kids

The Bonner Center is also involved in working with at-risk youth and juvenile offenders. A team of student volunteers works closely with PEI Kids, a Lawrence-based non-profit organization. Together with PEI staff members, these volunteers help deliver a life-skills curriculum, and help develop and organize additional enrichment and educational projects.

The Bonner Center emphasizes this two-pronged approach; providing support to those behind bars as well as those who are at-risk for experiencing the same fate without redirection.